Drive Demand for Super-Efficient Buildings

New York is home to some of the world’s most noted sustainability projects. The iconic Empire State Building gave us a model energy retrofit. On Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech is building the world’s largest Passive House. But we need to get to scale. Urban Green Council provides best practices, as well as the technical know-how to bring advanced building efficiency front and center.

Today’s demand shapes tomorrow’s reality. A large office building constructed today will use 25 percent less energy than one constructed ten years ago—a tremendous achievement—but to achieve 80x50 goals would need to realize 75 percent reduction. To catalyze broader adoption of super-efficient buildings, we must increase awareness and market demand. We are working with government to use building competitions to demonstrate the feasibility of super-efficient high-rise buildings.






You’d have to go back over 1,000 years to find buildings that used as little insulation as some of today’s structures.





A 90 percent carbon reduction is possible in NYC with known technologies and manageable costs.





Most NYC buildings would become dangerously hot or cold after just a few days of a power outage.