Educate Building Professionals

Sustainable buildings also require educated professionals at every level of the building industry – design, construction, operations and maintenance. We develop and present educational programs that teach architects, engineers, tradespeople, and building staff the skills they need to work with the environment in mind.

Over 9,200 have trained in our nationally recognized program for building trades and operators, Green Professionals (GPRO). GPRO prepares every team member working in a building or on a construction project on ways to integrate sustainability into their existing work—whether it’s operations and maintenance, electrical or HVAC technology.

We’re also training architects and engineers on the ins and outs of the energy code, including how to make buildings more sustainable using the code. To date we have trained over 2,200 design professionals on the code throughout New York State, with the help of partners including AIA New York State, the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) and ASHRAE.

In upcoming years, we will expand to new cities and reach a critical new sector with GPRO Homes for the home contracting industry—and continue to spread the sustainability word to underserved markets.