Engage and Mobilize Market Makers

Urban Green Council convenes and collaborates with leading industry and environmental organizations in a sustained effort to reduce building energy to meet 2050 climate change reduction targets.

In less than a decade, LEED reshaped Class A real estate and ushered in the modern green building movement. How was such a major shift possible in such a short time?

It’s because major owners welcomed it. And institutional owners such as colleges and municipalities required LEED for their own projects. Meanwhile, major corporations began asking for it when hunting for office space. Finally, environmental and community groups brought LEED to a wider audience.

Market maker buy-in is essential to rapid change in the building industry. Urban Green has always worked closely with these groups who shape the industry. But in the coming years we will be further strengthening our crucial connections with green leaders by working together in coalitions. By engaging and expanding on our broad base of support within the real estate industry, including sponsors, commercial tenants and new national partners who represent some of the largest and most prominent players in sustainability, we promote demand for low-energy buildings.