Jumpstart your LEED EBOM Certification



To qualify for LEED EBOM, an ENERGY STAR score of 69 or higher was a benchmark many older buildings just couldn’t achieve. The score means that the building performs better than 69% of buildings with a similar use, regardless of age.

If only you could get a few more of those ENERGY STAR scores above 69, you’d have a portfolio full of LEED buildings! This used to be the building owner’s lament, but no more. Now there’s Energy Jumpstart.

LEED, the GSA and Dark Money

I attended Greenbuild for the first time in 2004 when it was hosted in Portland and it was truly a revelation.  I understood for the first time, in a really tangible way, that I was not alone in my interest in healthy, energy-conserving buildings and communities.  Having felt like a pretty lonely voice at various architecture firms over the years, this was enormously empowering.  At that time, there were also very few places you could learn about products or systems that were greener than the rest.  The floor of that showroom was where I first learned of the existence of Icestone countertop

Important Updates to the GBCI Credentialing Maintenance Program



Any LEED Green Associate or LEED AP with specialty who does not decide to retest in order to maintain their designation must fulfill credentialing maintenance requirements by means of, what some may describe as, a dizzying process.

In June of 2009, The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) made some big changes to the LEED credentialing and testing process, adding more exam options, eligibility constraints, and credentialing maintenance requirements.

Backlash Against the Backlash



I wish LEED had more nuanced critics.

As regular as winter, articles crop up purporting to outline the problems with LEED.  Every time I dive in eagerly and almost every time I come away disappointed.  Maybe this is inevitable.  LEED is technocratic, both in terms of content and process, and the building industry moves at its own pace.  Maybe we can’t expect our frothy media to deliver on this subject.

Greenbuild: Finale

Greenbuild 2011 in Toronto is complete! The closing plenary on Friday was a pleasant mixture of inspiring presentations, rousing calls to action and jokes about Canadian accents.  Fortunately, the Canadians were the ones doing the joking so no international tension was sparked.




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